Most Important are your Employees

Create exciting trainings for your employees!

Webinars are a thing of the past, they were inexpensive but not very efficient.
Younger employees in particular value innovative methods.

Virtual Reality - trainings and VR webinars

are the next innovative step that also eliminates the disadvantages of old webinars. Our objective is: "The training of new processes must work more efficiently and faster".

At the same time, you can inspire your employees with modern methods, so that the employees really like to attend such a training course. And you create these VR trainings at the same time as you did a webinar back then.


Other rooms can be created according to your ideas (for example according to your corporate identity rules).

  •   You can change the spatial position or orientation in the room for each screen / panel.
  •   Likewise, the training content for the respective screen / panel can be defined.
  •   Also time sequences e.g. Guideline 1 appears on board xy as soon as the video reaches 120 seconds of runtime.

The author license stores a definition file with all the information.

The creation of a new training for the VR software is done in a few minutes.


As a pilot customer you get priority in case of problems.

Simply send your problem description via email (with screenshot) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will take care of it immediately.





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