Most Important are your Employees

Create exciting trainings for your employees!

Webinars are a thing of the past, they were inexpensive but not very efficient.
Younger employees in particular value innovative methods.

Virtual Reality - trainings and VR webinars

are the next innovative step that also eliminates the disadvantages of old webinars. Our objective is: "The training of new processes must work more efficiently and faster".

At the same time, you can inspire your employees with modern methods, so that the employees really like to attend such a training course. And you create these VR trainings at the same time as you did a webinar back then.


In this 180°  picture you can recognize the empty seats of participants (left & right)
and the 3 front screens.
For scenario 1:

A Virtual Reality Headset is used in the standard office desk or at home.
With the full headset the user cannot see or hear anything from his environment. He is focused 100% to the running training.

For scenario 2:

As usual you have to align a proper schedule with all participants. With the invitation the "address" of the trainer computer is send to the participants.
So they can connect easily to the Team-Training.


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